High-Quality Painting in Upstate New York.

Joseph Rivers Painting was founded by Joseph Rivers, a local of Homer, New York. He has built this all-in-one full scale painting business from the ground up. We have teams of painters for just about any job! Below are pictures from some of the hundreds of projects we have done for clients.


Before every project begins, we discuss what the project area will consist of with the client. We may need to clean, fill, or touch up walls before painting can occur. We use tarps and other barriers to keep the project contained to that area.


We have a diverse crew of painters that can handle basic jobs up to the most detailed aspects of work. We work together to provide the best interior and exterior painting to all of our clients.

Cleaning & Restoration

Talk with us today about any restoration jobs you have in mind. We can assess the current structure and give you a free quote.


We strive to provide the highest quality of work available. When the final product is delivered we want it to meet or exceed the client’s vision. Reach out today to discuss what you’re looking to do!

VisualizeĀ  Your Project

Check out our recommended paint visualizer. You can load pictures of your current space into the visualizer, then after following the instructions change the color of your photo to get an idea of what new colors will look like!


High Quality Painting

Rivers Painting of CNY Inc.